Monday, April 01, 2013

Rusty Solomon In The Military

Rusty Solomon was a man's man. Early in life he saw a need of a new set of special skills. Those skills, such as discipline an training, were needed to make him a viable candidate for any number of jobs in his future. This is why he joined the Army. After seeking an answer for most of his life, which was often disrupted by constant moves, Army life is home to Rusty Solomon. the men of his unit are a family to Mr. Solomon.

Rusty Solomon loves the Army, but he could not stay forever. Rusty had ambitious goals in the business world and after receiving his discharge he struck out on his own.The Army is Rusty Solomon's home, but it is also a teaching tool for the discipline needed to succeed in life. Through hard work and discipline he was able to use his army skills to own his own business. Rusty Solomon now owns a successful chain of South Florida bakeries.

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Rusty Solomon disbarred himself, but he believed that his experience in the military helped to mold the rest of his life.