Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Michigan State at Purdue open thread

Sorry there hasn't been more this week. I started a 1 month temp job yesterday, plus I have been doing some behind the scenes work for the move over to SB Nation (happening hopefully later this week), so I haven't had much to post. There hasn't been a ton of news anyway, but I know that will change tonight.

Mrs. T-Mill and I will be heading north in about an hour for the game. This should be a good one. Both teams are about even with Morgan and Hummel nursing injuries. I expect a thriller and hope I am not disappointed.

Comments are open for those watching at home. I'll have a recap posted tonight or tomorrow late morning depending on time, motivation, and result.

For those interested:

I just found this link on the Big Ten's site about the Big Ten Tournament. Apparently on the Sunday just before the tournament's championship game the Big Ten will be sponsoring a 5K race in downtown Indianapolis. I am defeinitely interested in representing Purdue by running in this 5K race since I normally do a 5K as a workout. If anyone is interested in joining me while sporting Purdue colors feel free to e-mail me.


Scotty Leisure said...

Well, I'll start off by saying: we killed it!

I think LewJack put on JJJ's shorts by accident...

MattyT said...

Haha, I like the new jerseys but the baggy shorts have to go. They make everyone look ridiculous. Good win thought maybe these new jerseys are lucky. Side note, i hope i heard they wrong on SC call Hummel "Rodney Hummel" and that im going crazy.

T-Mill said...


They also called Marcus Green, Marcus Graham